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Our trusted and accessible team of attorneys provides people and businesses with swift and effective law services. We are assisting our clients regarding their legal matters for a long time since 1980. With offices in New York and Long Island, we are dedicated to helping the local community in these states. Clients seek us when they are going through the most difficult times of their lives. We carefully listen and support them in the best way.

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We offer extensive legal services whenever you need them:

Business Crime

A significant number of our clients are inexperienced with the law and order. This makes going to court more stressful. Our attorneys and counselors take pride in serving you as your tenacious advocate and supportive peer.

Assault Cases

Being investigated for or charged with violence is stressful. Our specialized assault attorneys are aware of this. Regardless of the precise assault offense for which you are being investigated or prosecuted, we recognize the gravity of the situation.

Drink & Driving

There is currently a great deal of disagreement around drink-driving defenses. We are a law practice specializing in drink-driving cases. We have extensive experience in this area and are well-versed in all legislative and procedural defenses, as well as the development of expert mitigation.

Fraud or Scam

Investigations of fraud are unlike any other type of criminal inquiry. It is crucial to obtain the proper fraud defense from the outset. We have expert criminal fraud attorneys who emphasize meticulous preparation and attention to every detail.

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Your win is what we strive for, without a win, we do not make any profits

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